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Retiring to an RV

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There is much fun and excitement in traveling and seeing the rest of the American nation. To hiking, camping and on-the-road enthusiasts, owning a RV may be a great home-away-from-home for someone looking forward to the age of retirement.

Retirees are always looking forward to the freedom and independence that owning an RV has to offer; those of you that do make the leap are no longer slaves to your planted homes.

The freedom of not being tied down to just a single home begins with the turn of the key, starting an engine and partaking in touring the green lush American countryside.

There are many wonderfully rewarding aspects, and of course any lifestyle's share of challenges to consider when deciding if the RV lifestyle is for you:

  • Camaraderie amongst Rvers
  • Benefits of Having an RV
  • Tackling RV costs
  • Camaraderie amongst RVers

For any future or new RV retirees new to the social lifestyle of RVing, many are surprised at how other RVers are helpful, nice and love sharing their life experiences on the road with other RVers. There is a sense of community that makes any RVer a friend.

Take for instance the existence of family campers, Family Motor Coach Association, Loners on Wheels, Loners of America and the Good Sam Club. These groups are there to remind all RVers that they have much in common as motorized neighbors as neighbors who live in stationary homes.

Benefits of Having an RV

There are quite a few benefits to having an RV. The first benefit is that it visiting nature to get away from the stresses of daily life is easy. When visiting nature, it is easy to rediscover the excitement and wonder it has to offer. If you have young children or grandchildren, they can embark on valued experiences of a life time. There is nothing like the great outdoors!

Another benefit is that visiting state and national parks, campgrounds and other RV communities are sometimes located by some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. If you are in an RV club, many parks offer 10%-15% discounts. In addition to that, there have been many times at RV communities have discounts to consider which can beat the mess out of the high prices that motels and hotels have to offer.

How to Tackle RV Costs

Before engaging into a full lifestyle of RVing, it is important that there is a large nest egg available. It is important to plan for potential RV expenses such as gas and maintenance costs. You will have a more enjoyable experience while RVing due to good planning for anything that comes up unexpected.

There are many RV types to choose from. When deciding between different types of RVs, ponder the upper limit of the price range. The financing quota may help redirect things for you. A finance company may not be decided upon until you make a purchase. Be advised that it would help to fill out applications ahead of time in order to compare the quotes available. This way, you will be ready to make a deal by being well-informed. In addition to that, it is mandatory to keep in mind how much an RV will cost. It is important to view all RV types and notice that prices can be anywhere to $5,000 to $1,000,000. Take into account if you would like to purchase a brand new RV or a used one. One way to figure out the cost of an RV is to narrow down what your preferences are.

Once you have your research complete, it will be much easier to choose which RV is best for you along with how much you are willing to pay for one. When paying for an RV, always do it in a manner which is best affordable to you based on whatever time table you have.

If you wish to finance your RV acquisition via a loan, remember that your credit line will be at stake if you miss repayment dates.

Cost to Live In an RV

The cost of living in an RV is not cheap. Electricity, rent, propane, waste disposal and parking are things to consider when having an RV. Moreover, the basic cost of RV sites may vary from state to state. Electricity and water rates daily may be anywhere from $10-$30. These things need to be hooked up which may cost $15-$50 on a daily basis.

Interstates and highways do have rest stops, but be on the look out for urban areas that do not allow overnight stay. You do not want to pay the heavy fine for making a mistake. A public space for parking such as retailer parking lots can sometimes be one of your safest options available to you if all else goes wrong.


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